Sunday, February 19, 2006


Who really wants energy security?

There is little demand for energy security. This is not good for keeping the lights on, let alone keeping transport moving. Former UK energy minister, Brian Wilson, effectively questions today the will of governments to change the national energy policy.

On politics, Mr Wilson says the current policy - based on massive reliance upon imported gas - is a politically unsustainable folly. . . The folly lies in the intention to generate 70% of our electricity from gas by 2020, with 90% of it piped and shipped in from all over the globe - but most of all, within a couple of decades, from Russia.

On economics, Within the past three years, the wholesale price of gas has increased by 200%.. Moreover, The Telegraph reports The £1,000-per-year average energy bill has reached Britain for the first time after British Gas announced a 22 per cent increase in prices.

However, political resistance to reform in the public sector is typically immense. The lack of progress in the Lisbon competitiveness agenda is indicative.

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