Sunday, April 06, 2008


What is the G8 doing about the world's energy crisis?

From December 05, 2005

The G8 in 2005 asked the International Energy Agency (sister of the OECD) to help solve the world's energy crisis. The work will focus on six broad areas:

- Alternative energy scenarios and strategies.
- Energy efficiency in buildings, appliances, transport and industry.
- Cleaner fossil fuels.
- Carbon capture and storage.
- Renewable energy.
- Enhanced international co-operation.

A report is to be delivered in 2008 to Japan when it is scheduled to chair the G8.

Update in 2008: Japan to launch G8 energy-saving talks: official

However Shell is taking the initiative from the G8. The company's scenarios for energy argue that carbon trading, worldwide, is essential to fund renewables. Shell Scenarios

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