Tuesday, August 28, 2007


France's Sarkozy wants G8 to become G13

France's Sarkozy wants G8 to become G13

PARIS - French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Monday that the G8 should eventually become the G13 adding China, India, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa to the existing group of leading industrialised countries.

"The G8 should continue its slow transformation," Sarkozy said in a speech to French ambassadors.

"I want the G8 to become the G13."

Moreover, Sarkozy in drive to give EU global role

France will press for a bolder European Union security strategy when it assumes the rotating presidency next year, aiming to turn the continent into a global power with a decisive role in promoting a more just and effective world order.

In his first major foreign policy speech as France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy described the EU as a model of effective multilateralism that boasted a full range of instruments to address international crises, including military force, humanitarian assistance and financial aid. "Europe must progressively affirm itself as a first-rank player for peace and security, in co-operation with the United Nations, the Atlantic alliance and the African Union," he said.

Furthermore, from EU Observer

During his speech, president Sarkozy also reached out to new powers in Asia and Latin America, suggesting they should be granted seats at the UN Security Council table.

"France demands new permanent members – Germany, Japan, India, Brazil – and fair representation for Africa".

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