Monday, March 28, 2005


Is collective security a worldview?

Is the UN Charter's worldview of collective security still realistic? In this connection, an article today explores the changes necessary to the UN Security Council if there is to be protection globally.,,1072-1544308,00.html

Key arguments are:

The UN should have the power to enforce international law (essentially the UN Charter). The original basis of the UNSC was a permanent military alliance of the then great powers to keep the peace. But such is evolution. . . one possibility now is to go back to basics and activate Article 44 of the charter, which calls on members to "hold immediately available national . . . contingents for combined international enforcement action". NATO is an example of an international grouping already put together, albeit unconnected to the UN.

Next, update international law. The doctrine of national sovereignty should be qualified by a "behaviour test", assessed by the UN. In December the high-level panel on the future of the UN endorsed the principle of an international obligation to protect the innocent; this allows intervention.
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