Monday, May 09, 2005


Energy worldview - transport

See blog on April 2, 'What should be the worldview on energy?'

The International Energy Agency are very worried about depleting fuel reserves globally. They are expected to report this month that there is a need for "dramatic measures, such as reducing motorway speed limits by 25 per cent, shortening the working week, imposing driving bans on certain days, providing free public transport and promoting car pooling schemes."

Increasing the supply of nuclear power is one way the United States is planning to cut its imports of energy. However, more nuclear doesn't necessarily mean a lot less oil.

>President Bush has proposed reducing oil imports by increasing the use of nuclear power, which he said in a recent speech was "one of the most promising sources of energy." . . . Oil accounts for 41 percent of energy consumption.<

>There is a problem, though: reactors make electricity, not oil. And oil does not make much electricity.<

Oil was used to produce less than 3 percent of US electricity in 2004 - most of the remainder was for transport. Therefore, as the IEA suggest, a key problem for the G8 is how to fuel the transport of the future.
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