Wednesday, May 04, 2005


International foreign policy?

Foreign policy is a big issue for all nations, nowadays. Should they continue with national policies or move towards an international policy?

The nations in the European Union are undecided.

A few members are going the international route. The different approaches in the EU were, of course, evident in the recent intervention in Iraq. It was essentially a US initiative; the US administration told Iraq on many occasions that they would unilaterally call off the coalition invasion of Iraq if it disarmed.

But leaving aside the complex case of Iraq, taxpayers could cut their bills substantially if their governments adopted common foreign and defence policies with the aim of effectiveness. The future? Europe clearly believes the international transportation of goods is high risk; and it is therefore investing heavily in navies, especially submarines. Could protection of sea lanes be the basis for a new military alliance between the US and Europe?

A policy merger between countries might not find favour with all the governments in the EU. In July the UK assumes the presidency of the EU and has a duty to represent the EU at the G8 Summit of the same month; perhaps this should be item one on the agenda of the G8.
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