Sunday, August 14, 2005


Why is the UN ignoring energy security?

Why is the United Nations ignoring energy? One of its responsibilities is to prevent international conflict, including resource wars between nations. In apparent exasperation, the Russians are tabling energy security for discussion at the G8 economic summit in 2006.

Many people are worried. And they are taking matters into their own hands. For example: the Asia-Pacific initiative; big oil companies have taken out advertising space in newspapers to warn of the likely scramble for oil; the US Department of Energy have commissioned a report; and an Oil Depletion Protocol has been published.

"Efforts will be needed to create alternative sources of energy, to reduce demand for oil through heightened energy efficiency, and to redesign entire systems (including cities) to operate with less petroleum. . . The Protocol will require a system for monitoring production, exports, and imports – which cannot be hidden to a large degree in any case. Enforcement will require the establishment of a Secretariat [UN?] for adjudication of disputes and claims, and a system of economic penalties to be negotiated by the agreeing nations."
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