Friday, September 09, 2005


How much longer does the EU intend to be a political dwarf?

"The idea of Europe, united and working together, is essential for our nations to be strong enough to keep our place in this world." But Mr Blair's trip to China and India this week has exposed the limits of the EU's ability to forge ties with other global actors. . "

"Indeed, José Manuel Barroso, European Commission president, proved unable to answer a question in New Delhi about India's bid for a permanent United Nations Security Council seat because there is no common European position. FT.

The World Summit is fast approaching if the EU wants the semblance of a united front.

Update 2 October, 2005
The press report comments from the former commissioner for EU external affairs: "You hear so much rhetoric about Europe playing a significant role in the world. What the hell signal do we send to the rest of the world if we can't accept Turkish accession to the European Union?"
The EU will continue to be a dwarf for long. In fact until it will be impossible to continue that way.

It is a tendency for ALL system to remains as_is for the longest periods.

So will the states also believe they can rule the world until the day that China & India will just say: "you small dwarf shut-up".

Cooperation between european police was slow & inefficiant. "thanks" to the last buchery in Madrid & London, we are now going forward.
Thanks for the comments. Perhaps international economic connectivity and communication technology, mainly people-to-people networks, will bring about change. Government to government exchanges tend to be constitutionally constrained.

The importance of communication is emphasised in a book that is reviewed here. The book emphasises the 'anglosphere'; but technology - especially Douglas Adams's idea of a babel fish - means traditional barriers are falling.
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