Monday, September 12, 2005


Signs of an EU common policy on energy

It's a start.

"EU finance ministers have suggested that part of the blame for the current oil price crisis lies with the US, saying Americans should do more to save energy."

"UK finance minister Gordon Brown said that "this global problem needs global solutions" adding that oil demand could rise by 50 percent in the next 20 years in the light of emerging markets in Asia." EU to push US for lower energy consumption.

The EU helpfully compiled statistics on world energy use. Page 133 of the pdf shows the figures for 2002.

Solid fuels: China 29.7%; USA 22.6%; EU (15) 9%; India 7.4%; Russia 4.4%; Japan 4.2%; Others 22.7%

Oil: USA 25.2%; EU (15) 16.7%; Japan 7.2%; China 7%; Russia 3.6%; India 3.3%; Others 37%

Gas: USA 24.7%; EU (15) 16.1%; Russia 15%; Japan 3.1%; China 1.6%; India 1%; Others 38.6%
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