Thursday, September 08, 2005


So many competing political philosophies within the EU

For example, new member Poland is said to be a prime mover in challenging the EU's Franco-German-Russian axis.

"Poland is actively pursuing its own agenda as a regional power, while functioning as a mainstay for Washington's policies in an enlarged Europe. In this context, Europe's Common Foreign and Security Policy appears once again to be a mere set of institutional instruments and unable to effectively coordinate its member states' policy priorities."

Washington's policies are reported to promote 'economic determinism' in a global economy. Strategist Thomas Barnett blogs today:

To be successful in the global economy, a mature nation should "allow a certain amount of income equality in order to remain competitive and efficient (i.e., you're going to have to let the market move your labor for you). Otherwise, you find yourself funding ghost towns that correspond to no economic logic, making your economy as a whole more uncompetitive."

What should the EU promote? This surely requires urgent debate.

As a start to the debate, the comments here suggest that both Washington and Brussels are looking for protection from the global economy. The comments include "The drive for global free trade, once championed by states with advanced economies, appears to be encountering an obstacle, if not a limit."
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