Friday, September 02, 2005


What is preventing consensus between regional alliances, such as NATO, SCO and CSO?

'Defence' may be key to harmonising international politics, as the French suggest (see 'Common Military Policy' below) . Three principal alliances around the world are NATO, SCO and CSO. Leaving aside the fractious NATO, SCO seems to be more representative of Eurasia than CSO.

What information do we have on SCO? The Journal Of The China-Eurasia Forum has a special feature this summer.

On July 5 2005, representatives from the six members of SCO gathered in Kazakhstan: China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Also in attendance were observers from India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan. Political connectivity is the aim.

"SCO’s new observer status at the UN General Assembly, and the signing of Memoranda of Understanding between the SCO and the CIS and the SCO and ASEAN."

"calls by the SCO for the United States to draw up a timetable for the eventual departure of U.S. forces from Centrals Asian bases as operations in Afghanistan wind down."

" while this statement says little more than what the Pentagon itself has said about when U.S. forces might leave the region (i.e. when they are no longer needed in Afghanistan), the mere fact that it was uttered demonstrates a new calculus that the Central Asian states may feel confident enough with the support of China and Russia to publicly challenge the United States to address their individual needs."

This is getting out of hand. Perhaps a reorganised NATO could unite the military alliances?
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