Monday, December 05, 2005


Energy - solution by 2008 from IEA?

The G8 in 2005 asked the International Energy Agency (sister of the OECD) to help solve the world's energy crisis. The work will focus on six broad areas:
- Alternative energy scenarios and strategies.
- Energy efficiency in buildings, appliances, transport and industry.
- Cleaner fossil fuels.
- Carbon capture and storage.
- Renewable energy.
- Enhanced international co-operation.

A report is to be delivered in 2008 to Japan when it is scheduled to chair the G8.

Some of the challenges were reported by 'The International Herald Tribune' in an article A World without easy oil. What now?. The article sets out points arising from a debate they hosted, which included:

"To get the Chinese to the level of per-capita consumption that Taiwan is today. . . is physically impossible."

"I think all four of us are having trouble understanding how the United States will shift its policies. There is the belief that the market will do it. Well, in the '70s the market didn't do it."

"One provocation for rethinking U.S. energy policy will be when Chinese investment in Canadian tar sands and Venezuelan oil development make it increasingly difficult for us to get access to the resources. The problem with the Chinese is that they don't know that the Canadian oil is ours. And neither do the Canadians."

"by our going into Iraq, we displaced a $1 billion investment by the Chinese to develop Iraqi fields. That has motivated the Chinese to do things like buy into the Canadian oil sands and to look into buying Unocal. And it has encouraged them to invest in highly volatile oil provinces that are in opposition to the United States, including the Sudan"
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