Sunday, January 22, 2006


Resource Wars and the G8

"Priority issues during Russia’s G8 Presidency will be international energy security. . .", notes the host nation's website. A quote from Russia's President, Vladimir Putin: "We believe that today, we must think very seriously about ways to bridge the gap between energy-sufficient and energy-lacking countries". And at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel a few days ago, Mr Putin said "As to energy security, we certainly discussed it in detail and at length. Many of our European partners, especially ordinary people, were worried, if not frightened, by discussions of Russo-Ukrainian gas problems. I think we made a mistake by failing to explain to them the essence of events clearly and promptly."

Emphatically energy security is the priority for this year's G8 in Russia.

It is therefore surprising to read today that "No outsiders will be invited to this year's G8 Summit that will be held under the chairmanship of Russia." China and India will not be invited? They are rising consumers but not members of the G8 - it might be a mistake to exclude them from energy discussions. The exclusion was hinted at in November.
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