Monday, January 02, 2006


Russia - Challenge

The Chairman of the Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policy questions whether economic globalisation should continue. He gives his recommendations in 'Russia in Global Affairs'. The article is titled 'New Contours of the World Order'.

It is pointed out that the centre of international politics is steadily shifting eastwards; this is natural, because political power follows economic power around the world.

But should the new leader of the G8 promote something as wide as globalisation? The article recommends that Russia should "reorient and diversify energy exports to Asia or the world market as a whole"; the choice of economic patriotism, resisting the world market, led to WW2 last century. Moreover, there is the question of who is prepared to be an importer of last resort in a system that encourages every nation to have a trade surplus. It seems to have been left to Russia to solve horrendous problems in its G8 presidency
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