Sunday, January 01, 2006


Russia is chair of G8 in 2006

Here is the official website for Russia's chairmanship of the G8 in 2006. The member states account for 49% of global exports, 51% of industrial output, and 49% of assets in the International Monetary Fund.

"A successful first Presidency in the Group of Eight is one of Russia's foreign policy priorities. The work on the contents and organization of the summit is progressing successfully. Priority issues during Russia’s G8 Presidency will be international energy security, fight against contagious diseases and education.

"At the same time, the summit in St. Petersburg will take up such traditional topics as counterterrorism, WMD non-proliferation, fight against organized crime and drug trafficking, environmental and other global problems, topical issues of the global economy, finances and trade, and escalating regional conflicts."

The detailed proposal from President Putin for improving international energy security, and at the same time sustaining economic growth in the world (see below), will be eagerly awaited.
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