Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Russia's energy security

Russia plans to supply both East and West with energy. However a discussion today on BBC radio revealed that this will be ephemeral. It was said that Russia has forecast that it will no longer be able to rely on indigenous oil and gas for its own use by 2050 - never mind exports; accordingly it will have to move to nuclear power to meet domestic energy needs.

The interview also considered UK energy needs, observing that 40% of our electricity is provided by gas; and this will be 80% by 2020. The recommendation from one participant was that we need to rebuild our nuclear industry and "a slice of our coal industry"; he favoured an electricity mix of 10% renewable, 30% coal, 30% gas, and 30% nuclear.

NB: The mix in 2004 is reported: 1% hydro, 33% coal, 40% gas, 19% nuclear, 1% oil, 4% 'other' fuels, 2% imports (nuclear from France?) - per DTI.
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