Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Preventing the third world war - a priority for the G8?

Recent events in the Middle East seem to have taken precedence at this year's G8.

The third world war I believe has already started, Dan Gillerman, Israel’s ambassador to the UN said on CNN, referring to the war on terrorism. What we’re seeing . . . is a chapter of it. Middle East aflame, but who cares?

Should order be restored? Many members of the G8, and the UN Secretary-General, think yes; they want an international peacekeeping force to go into the area, assuming a peace can first be negotiated somehow. A prisoner release may be a pre-requisite.

However the US, another G8 member, seems to want the two sides in the ME to fight to the death. Recommendations to this effect are appearing in the US media.

A major theme of the new campaign is that the more conciliatory "realist" policies toward Syria and Iran pursued by the State Department have actually backfired by making Washington look weak. US Hawks v State Department
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